Ben Harries Institute


Ben Harries on Square

TRUSTEES & OBJECTIVES: The Ben Harries Institute can be found on the Square in the centre of the village. It has been registered by the Charity Commission as Charity No. 512463. Trustees serve on the Ben Harries Institute Committee. The role of the trustees is to protect the capital asset vested in the property and ensure that the objectives of the Trust Deed are met. These objectives are summarised from the Deed as follows:-

“To be used in perpetuity as a non-sectarian and non-political place of recreation and social intercourse .. for the advantage or benefit of such of the inhabitants of Llansteffan and the surrounding district and of visitors.”

ACTIVITIES: Since 1930, when Mr Ben Harries entrusted a property on The Square in Llansteffan for community benefit, a voluntary committee has worked diligently to provide social and educational activities in a building that has required on-going maintenance. The Ben property comprises of the rented house, vacant old Post Office and four public rooms which  comprise of a ground floor meeting room and first floor meeting room, storage room and small adjacent room.