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1. CHAIR & VICE CHAIR: At the Annual Meeting each May, the Council elects its Chair and Vice Chair. You can see a list of the current elected Council members here.

2. WHAT DOES YOUR COUNCIL DO? Community Councils are democratically elected local authorities. They seek to improve the well-being of their local communities. Your Community Council currently:

  • comments on all planning applications for properties within Llansteffan and Llanybri Wards (see how the planning system works here)
  • participates in the County Council Local Development Plan process on behalf of the community
  • makes written representations in response to relevant policy consultations issued by Welsh Government, Carmarthenshire County Council and other bodies
  • maintains the Morfa playground in Llansteffan (but not the beach playground which is the responsibility of the County Council)
  • owns and maintains Hen Gapel, the registered Ancient Monument and its grounds, in Llanybri
  • maintains the stone shelter at First Steps along Llansteffan cliff path
  • owns a gifted plot of land in Heol Fain Llanybri which now has a children’s playground and community park on it.  The development of which was organised and funded by the Community Council in 2016.
  • submits detailed applications for external funding for play equipment, play surfacing, heritage panels, public seats and historic building maintenance.
  • owns some (but not all) street lights and pays for the electricity and maintenance of all street lights in Llansteffan and Llanybri Wards
  • makes donations to organisations working for the benefit of the community in Llansteffan and Llanybri
  • monitors and promotes access to public rights of way in the area
  • comments generally on matters of concern in Llansteffan and Llanybri such as road safety, flooding and drainage
  • works with neighbouring local councils on matters of common interest

3. ELECTIONS & CO-OPTIONS: Community councillors are elected at the same time, and in the same way, as Carmarthenshire county councillors. The last election was in May 2017. Should a vacancy arise, and ten local electors claim a poll within 14 days of public notification, then a bye-election will take place. If no poll is claimed in time and the vacancy has 6 months or more to run, the council must fill the vacancy by co-option as soon as practicable.

4. MEETINGS: The Council meets on the third Monday of every month, apart from August. April to September meetings are normally held in Llansteffan Hall, whilst October to March meetings are held in Llanybri Hall. There are also Council committees to handle the detail, which meet when priorities dictate and on dates convenient with members. All Council and committee meetings are open to the public, although the public may be asked to leave when confidential business such as appointment of staff and contracts are being discussed. The public may participate in accordance with Standing Orders found here.

5. COMMITTEES: There are currently (as at Mar 22) four functioning committees within the Community Council:

Human Resources Committee: click HR Committee Terms of Reference

The Green Committee: click The Green Committee Terms of Reference

The Finance Committee: click Finance Committee Terms of Reference

The Planning Committee: click HERE to see the Terms of Reference (coming soon)


The Council employs a part-time Clerk. You can contact the Clerk by visiting the contact page here and/or by sending a message directly to any of the councillors, you can view contact details of Councillors here.