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INTERESTED IN BECOMING A COUNCILLOR? A great chance to work together as a team and get the best for your community! To find out more, have a chat with our Clerk or any of our members. “The Good Councillors Guide” is also helpful and can be found here.

LLANSTEFFAN WARD LOCAL MEMBER: County Cllr. Carys Jones represents Llansteffan Ward. This Ward encompasses Llansteffan, Llanybri, Llangain and Llangynog community wards.

WARDS & SEATS: Each community councillor represents a ‘ward’. There are 10 seats on the Community Council – 5 seats for Llansteffan Ward and 5 seats for Llanybri Ward. Contact details for all councillors are found below. You may find it easier to contact councillors representing your ward, but you do not have to.

MEMBER’S CODE OF CONDUCT: The Council has adopted the Local Authorities Model Code of Conduct which governs the conduct of councillors when acting in that capacity – English copy here and Welsh copy here.  The Model Code of Conduct (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2016 can be found here. The Amendment Order was adopted by the Community Council on 18th April 2016. In brief, the Order has:

  1. Removed the obligation on members to report potential breaches of the Code to the Ombudsman (thus relying on local low-level complaint resolution processes);
  2. Transferred responsibility for maintaining the Register of Member’s Interests to the Clerk;
  3. Clarified that all personal interests disclosed must be entered in the Register;
  4. Clarified the position in relation to member’s participation in any business relating to constituency interests.

Llansteffan and Llanybri Community Council

Chair – Cllr Cerian Lodwick – Llanybri Ward

Vice-Chair – Cllr Anthea Evans – Llansteffan Ward

Cllr Brian Charles – Llanybri Ward
Tel: 01267 241340
Cllr Brian Charles

Cllr Brian Harrison – Llanybri Ward

Cllr Mel James – Llanybri Ward
Tel: 01267 241870
Cllr Mel James
I am 61 years old and I have lived in the area all my life. In the past I have worked for the Plas estate in Llansteffan and for CADW at Llansteffan castle. For the last 36 years I have worked for Carmarthenshire County Council. I am a founder member of Llansteffan Football Club for which I played for 6 seasons and I have been involved with other organizations such as Llanybri Rangers and Llanybri Community Association. I now serve as a community councillor for Llanybri area.

Cllr Helen John – Llansteffan Ward

Cllr Sue Robinson – Llansteffan Ward

Cllr Bethan Ryder – Llansteffan Ward

Rhys Schelewa-Davies – Llanybri Ward
Cllr Zoe Woodruff – Llansteffan Ward

County Councillor Carys Jones
Cllr Carys Jones


Since moving to Llansteffan in 1993 I have been involved in many aspects of village life, including the Sports Club (ex Company Secretary), Côr Meibion Llansteffan and the Tourism Association. I come from a farming family with a long history of service on both Community and County/District Councils and have been a Community Councillor for Llansteffan and Llanybri since 2008. I am a free-lance designer, working mostly on educational and developmental projects for children and young people for CYW (S4C) and UCW Trinity St. David’s.
Ers symud i fyw i Llansteffan yn 1993 ‘dwi wedi bod yn weithgar iawn yn y pentref gyda mudiadau fel y Clwb Chwaraeon (cyn Ysgrifennydd Cwmni), Côr Meibion Llansteffan a’r Gymdeithas Twristiaeth. ‘Dwi’n hannu o deulu amaethyddol gyda hanes hir o wasanaeth ar Gynghorau Cymuned a Sir/Dosbarth a ‘dwi wedi bod yn Gynghorydd Cymuned i Llansteffan a Llanybri ers 2008. ‘Dwi’n gweithio fel cynllunydd llaw-rydd, yn bennaf ar brosiectau addysgiadol a datblygiadol ar gyfer plant a phobl ifainc i CYW (S4C) a CPC Y Drindod Dewi Sant.


Rhian Worrell is the Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer to the Community Council and can be contacted using the following email address