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INTERESTED IN BECOMING A COMMUNITY COUNCILLOR? A great chance to work together as a team and get the best for your community! To find out more, have a chat with our Clerk or any of our members. “The Good Councillors Guide” is also helpful and can be found here.

WARDS & SEATS: Each community councillor represents a ‘Ward’. There are 10 seats on the Llansteffan and Llanybri Community Council – 5 seats for Llansteffan Ward and 5 seats for Llanybri Ward.  Llansteffan and Llanybri are a joint Ward, all 10 councillors work together for the good of both villages.  Contact details for all councillors can be found below. You may find it easier to contact councillors representing your village, but as Llansteffan and Llanybri is a joint ward you do not have to.

MEMBER’S CODE OF CONDUCT: The Council has adopted the Local Authorities Model Code of Conduct which governs the conduct of councillors when acting in that capacity – English copy here and Welsh copy here. The Code of Conduct for members of local authorities in Wales Guidance from the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales can be found here.

Llansteffan and Llanybri Community Council 

Chair – Cty Cllr Carys Jones
Committee Membership: The Finance Committee.
H&S area of responsibility: Morfa.
Cllr Cerian Lodwick – Llanybri Ward
Committee Membership: The Village Green Committee (North), the Planning Committee and Human Resources Committee.
H&S area of responsibility: Morfa Play Area

Cllr Ian Roberts – Llanybri Ward
Committee Membership: The Planning Committee and the Human Resources Committee.
H&S Responsibility: Hen Gapel.
Cllr Mel James – Llanybri Ward
Contact Tel: 01267 241870
Cllr Mel James
I am 61 years old and I have lived in the area all my life. In the past I have worked for the Plas estate in Llansteffan and for CADW at Llansteffan Castle. For the last 36 years I have worked for Carmarthenshire County Council. I am a founder member of Llansteffan Football Club for which I played for 6 seasons and I have been involved with other organizations such as Llanybri Rangers and Llanybri Community Association. I now serve as a Community Councillor for Llanybri area.
Committee Membership: The Planning Committee.
H&S area of responsibility
Cllr James Laws – Llanybri Ward
Committee Membership: The Finance Committee.
H&S area of responsibility: Llanybri Play Area.
Cllr Lauren Stacey – Llansteffan Ward

I have enjoyed living in Llansteffan since 2019, and have previously lived and worked in Devon and Hertfordshire.  I am a Youth Worker by trade, but also take a keen interest in nature, sewing and cooking!
I’m married to Gwyn, and we have Bryn the collie.
Committee Membership: The Village Green Committee (North) and the Planning Committee.
H&S area of responsibility: Ferry Point.
Cllr Gareth Thomas – Llansteffan Ward
Committee Membership: The Human Resources Committee and the Finance Committee.
H&S area of responsibility: The Croft.


Anthea Evans is the Temporary Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer to the Community Council and can be contacted as follows:
Tel: 07983 220534
Address: Bay Tree House, High street, Llansteffan, SA33 5JZ